折る (oru) : fold
革 (kawa) : leather

Origawa is a Japanese term and means folded leather. The name has its origins in the tradition of paper folding called Origami. The unique and special fact about this collection is the technique and the materials we used to create these products.

The bags are made out of folded solid leather pieces, attached to each other with studs. According to our design philosophy, we reduced the amount of pieces and details to the minimum possible.

We intentionally eliminated the conventional techniques such as sewing and glueing from our products.



For this collection we sourced and picked the most durable form of cowhide: full-grain leather. It is the highest quality grade of leather. It includes the top layer of the hide and all of the natural grain without being thinned down.
The leather is vegetable tanned and is produced without any harmful chemicals. The natural and organic look and feel of the leather is achieved through its dyeing process. The material is soaked in color and has no pigmented color layer on the surface. This type of leather is called Aniline leather.
The bag is assembled with belt pins that are produced out of plated brass. Our belt buckles are made out of stainless steel.



The Origawa collection is exclusively made in Germany, more specifically in Weimar, the city of origin of the Bauhaus.
With extensive research and knowledge about the highest possible quality standards, we partnered with a production that puts strong emphasis on natural, sustainable and fair production processes and techniques.
Our production is part of the Thüringer sustainability agreement ‚NAThüringenʻ, an initiative that represents companies that act responsibly with our natural resources and understands its responsibility towards our following generations.



For the most beautiful patina, we highly recommend you to care for your bag in the following way.
Cleaning: Remove heavy dirt stains using a soft brush and leather cleaner, for regular dirt a moistened cloth with water.
Polishing: The leather should be polished with a leather preserver to attain a clean, shiny look, longevity and durability against water.
Wrap a piece of cloth around your index and middle finger, dip it into leather fat and rub in a circular motion with a little bit of pressure. With this treatment you can also remove little scratches.
Be careful with water. When greased in the right way, rain will cause no harm.
Nevertheless, plunging the bag into water could change the structure of the leather.